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The Island of Gran Canaria is one of the seven islands in the Canaries, it is located south of Spain, just in front of Morocco; they are surrounded by rich waters full of life and where we are sure you can enjoy one of the most exciting day of your life. Marlin fishing and tuna fishing are very popular and in Fish On, we are always ready for the action! La pesca deportiva Gran Canaria Pasito Blanco es un must para los amantes de las emociones fuertes!


Leaving the port of Pasito Blanco you will see seagulls, dolphins, whales, flying fish, turtles and many more species of live creatures that will entertain the way to the fishing grounds, never more than 20 minutes.

We offer you the possibility to feel the power of a Blue Marlin, any kind of Tuna, Bluefin, Yellowfin, Big Eye, Longfin or Skipjack, and the sensation of fighting any kind of bottom fish using light tackle.

We have more than 25 years of experience in fishing these waters, we know the grounds very well, and if you trust us, be sure we’ll always take you the right spot.

Please have a look of the site and discover why Fish On! is the best option for you.