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We are having the best season ever, even the eldest ones have never lived a season like summer 2019. We have released a total of 36 Blue Marlin, and today is August 7th!


We have released 4 blue marlins already, weighting approximately between 400 and 550 lbs. The new season looks great as we are seeing between 5 to 10 marlin every day.

Tunas Have Arrived!

After a nice winter catching plenty of bonitos, barracudas, breams and many more we are having an awesome beginning of Spring. We have caught a few good sized Big Eye Tunas, and we are looking forward to the first Blue Marlins of the season!

End of trolling season 2018

We finished the trolling season with a total of 17 Blue Marlin released. 1 of 850 pounds, 4 over 600 pounds, 9 between 3 and 600 pounds, and 3 smaller than 300 pounds. It was very slow for tuna, just 3 Big Eyes and 3 Albacores during the summer.

850 pounds Blue Marlin!

Today we released the largest Blue Marlin we have seen in the past 5 years, a beautiful fish of about 850 pounds that took us 1 hour to bring alongside the boat.

Hat trick of Big Eye Tunas!

Today we finally saw some Big Eye Tunas, for some reason they have not shown up last year. We hooked up 4 at the same time and were able to land 3, with weights of 175, 175 and 150 pounds. Great day and everyone happy!

29th Pasito Blanco Fishing Tournament

We won this tournament out of 27 boats with the release of 1 blue marlin of 450 pounds.  

Puerto Rico Fishing Tournament

We ended in 3rd position out of 21 boats with the release of 1 blue marlin of 450 pounds.  

New Season 2018 is About to Start

After some months of bottom fishing on the reefs in deep water and in shallow water for barracuda and bonitos, it´s time to start with the BIG GAME for marlin and tuna!! Stay tuned for some awesome reports!!

Welcome 2018!!

We are in the middle of the bottom fishing season, waiting again for the big tunas to arrive. Barracudas, Bonitos, Snappers, Stingrays, Moreys, Bream, etc are our main catches at the moment.


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