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New Season 2018 is About to Start

After some months of bottom fishing on the reefs in deep water and in shallow water for barracuda and bonitos, it´s time to start with the BIG GAME for marlin and tuna!! Stay tuned for some awesome reports!!

Welcome 2018!!

We are in the middle of the bottom fishing season, waiting again for the big tunas to arrive. Barracudas, Bonitos, Snappers, Stingrays, Moreys, Bream, etc are our main catches at the moment.

End of the Season 2017

The season is over with a balance of 8 Blue Marlin released, 7 big eye tunas between 45 and 125 kgs and many albacores. It´s been a slow year for marlin but very good for tunas. Even large Bluefin Tuna showed up in the summer but it was impossible to get a byte!

Marlin and Tuna Fishing Summer

We have released 4 blue marlin between May and June 17. Season has not started as good as last year but is long, so we hope it gets better day by day. We have also caught 2 Big Eye Tunas of 83 and 95 KG!

Blue Fin Tunas

March, April and May, these are the months when the Blue Fin Tuna show up in Gran Canaria. We have released 3 of these beasts so far, with weights between 300 and 700 pounds. They fight way harder than marlin and it´s an experience just for the strongest!

Winter Fishing

We have been fishing in shallow waters and also in the reef catching some snappers, amberjacks, morey eels, and many other smaller fish!

October & November 2016

We released our last blue marlin of the season on October 9th and started bottom fishing later on…

Non Stop Fishing

Although we have been a bit disconnected from the website, we update often our Facebook page Fishoncanarias. Fishing right now is mainly bottom fishing but awaiting news about the first tunas to show up. Here some pics of last fishing trips.

August & September 2016 Reports

Still catching blue marlin and tuna, season is being good this year, now getting ready for bottom fishing time till February!

Marlin and Tuna!

Season keeps giving us a lot of successful fishing days! We have released in July 7 Blue Marlin between 250 and 650 pounds and caught 3 Big Eye Tunas of 154, 198 and 310 pounds


Fish On! has more than 25 years of experience in fishing these waters, we know the grounds very well, and if you trust us, be sure we’ll always take you the right spot.


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