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Albacore Tunas

Today me managed to catch 2 albacore tunas. Also first 2 blue marlin of the season were released by other boat

Skipjack tunas

Lots of bait balls and many skipjack tunas around mean that our loved blue and white marlins are not far from Gran Canaria!! Can’t wait!

Bluefin Tunas

This past month we have seen many Giant Bluefin Tunas around Gran Canaria, being able to catch and release one of around 250 Kilos.

Albacore Tunas

Past days show a lot of tuna action. We have caught 10 albacore tunas between 10 and 25 kilos!

Bottom Fishing

We are having fun this winter catching bonitos, barracudas, snapper, grouper…. and tunas are around the corner!!

XII Big Game Fishing Tournament Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Next October 11 and 12th it will take place the annual XII Big Game Fishing Tournament in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Please contact me if you want to come both days or just one to fish on board Fish On, you can come with a group or just yourself  and I´ll give you all …

XII Big Game Fishing Tournament Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Read More »

Blue Marlin season is almost over

Blue Marlin season is almost over in Gran Canaria, so we´ll start bottom fishing for snapper, amberjack, comber, scorpionfish, etc. Fish On! is not just for fishing, we are working in a new project for all the family, members from 8 years old… where they´ll enjoy a fun and unforgettable experience in the south of …

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2013 Pasito Blanco Fishing Tournament

Fish On took place in the XXIV Pasito Blanco Fishing Tournament, there was plenty of action, 20 blue marlins and 12 white marlins released in the 2 days, during the first day, we had contact with a nice blue at 10:00 am. After 30 min fight and when the fish was only 20 meters from …

2013 Pasito Blanco Fishing Tournament Read More »

White Marlin

Today we released a nice white marlin and saw the big tunas… The boat Cavalier caught a Big Eye of 320 pounds!

Blue Marlin

Today my dream came truth when we released in perfect shape a 500 lbs blue marlin. Manu Moreno from Barcelona had the opportunity to do so and I’m sure he Will never forget the experience.


Fish On! has more than 25 years of experience in fishing these waters, we know the grounds very well, and if you trust us, be sure we’ll always take you the right spot.


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